Technologies - Wire

Starting from a simple wire, we manufacture shaped components, traction, compression and torsion springs, as well as any part that may be required, on your own design or on co-design, using different qualities of materials.

Technologies - Tape

Through the metal tape do we develop sheared parts, springs, contacts, washers, attachment systems, balancing clips, bushings and busbars.
The result will be the part you require, no matter how complicate it may seem.

Technologies - Assembled Parts

The parts developed become assembled products ready to be used: we reduce the number of the single parts you will have to manage and we directly provide the assembly, managing in-house the relevant issues.

Technologies - Plastic and Insert Molded Parts

Owing the plastic technology united to the metal one is an added value that allows us finding solutions to provide you with the exact component you need.

Materials: all the thermoplastic materials available on the market .
Tonnage: electrical 50 Ton Sumitomo-Demag with automatic lines for the dehumidification of the grain.
Spot checks: geometric by gauges and CNC optic measurement machines, loads on mechanized automatic dynamometers and fatigue tests.