When two people meet and exchange an object, they leave each other with an object each.
When two people meet and exchange an idea, they leave each other with two ideas each, and – therefore – they enrich each other.

You can find the sense of our philosophy in this old Easter saying: not a mere exchange of goods against money, but an alliance of intents to develop solutions, to optimizer products and create value.

The serene, constructive meeting generates the shared work, which transforms the supplier and the client into partners.

since 1958

Since 1958, when the production was focused on wire and tape grinders, we have grown in the aim of raising the level of quality, reliability and service, in order to offer an increasingly wider range of products.

Throughout time, the will to be close to the market’s requirements of developing increasingly complex components has led us to evolve towards insert molded and assembled parts, thus accompanying our clients in design and co-design.

Sense of team work

Developing winning products is a result that may only arise from the motivation of a whole team.

This is why we focus on people, on their training and commitment to achieve and even exceed our clients’ expectations.
People, machinery and systems thus become whole means to develop quality products and services.

Markets (areas and industries)

Automotive is certainly our reference market.
The impulsions we receive from this industry, as well as from other ones such as the large household appliances, the electro-mechanics, the thermotechnical sector and the civil one are a source of thrust to growth and research that you cannot avoid for an harmonic, complete development.


“it is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, but it is because we do not dare that they are difficult”.

We have made this Seneca’s saying and we translate it every day in never giving anything for granted, but planning, doing, monitoring and improving.

Such development of new products/processes, which is the result of constant market research, translates into the growth of our turnover.

Politics and Sustainability

The Integrated Policy of Accornero S.p.A. is the expression of the cultural and planning identity of the Company.

Our Direction intends to adopt and maintain an efficient Quality and Environment Management System, able to continuously ensure the conformity of the product/service to the requirements requested by the interested parties and by the legislation.

Our Policy also establishes the commitment to promote environmental protection throughout its value chain, to prevent, manage and, where possible, reduce the environmental impacts generated  through direct operations, or through suppliers.


Quality is a way of thinking beyond the immediate result, which is made of tolerances, quantities and delivery time, also to equally significant values such as the law and the environmental safeguard standards we adhere to with the greatest commitment.

Quality is a way to think about work, which then concertizes into ISO certified procedures.

IATF 16949:2016

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015